Our Difference

Firmly believing in Quality over Quantity. We simply do more for your money.

A website, mobile app, rich internet application, and etc, are investments. With proper implementation, these tools will generate additional revenue and customer followings. With so many design agencies, small and large, offering such a varied range of prices - it's difficult for business owners to decide on what sets them apart.

We put all projects through the following processes to gauge the scope and to properly put your ideas into realization.

  • Pre-Development & Brainstorming

    During this initial phase, we establish the vision of the project and all its finer details. Project time-line, specifications and scope are defined, along with the designation of the technologies to be implemented. This phase is crucial because it helps us plan and build the proper base of foundation required for scalability and longevity.

    All planning, brainstorming, and user experience will be discussed in this stage. General timeframe for this phase is approximately 1-2 weeks, but can vary by project size and complexity.

  • Conceptual Pre-Visualization

    The design specifications are generated and a mock-up is created. A general wire-frame and sitemap (if applicable) is created to provide a visual confirmation of the processes and flow-paths. The client is provided a few varying mock-ups based on the pre-development briefs in which they can choose from.

    Revisions may be made to the design proofs at this stage. If and only if you're 100% satisfied with the direction headed, we move on.

  • Development

    During this phase, we shift to maximum gear and develop the client's project. Database modeling is completed along with any other necessary tasks. Conceptual design is taken apart to pieces and applied throughout the site or mobile app. Then our code-speaking developers get to work and starts breathing life into the project by creating all of the required features and functions.

    This is where you sit back and let us work our magic.

  • Post-Development & Launch

    During the final stages of the development, the almost completed product goes through extensive testing for bugs and any other anomalies. Design is polished up and improved where possible.

    We discuss post-launch marketing and/or search engine optimizations. No matter how great the project is, without proper marketing in place, failure is inevitable.

The well known saying, "If it's seems too good to be true then it probably is" applies to web design as well. It takes combined effort from an experienced team to complete a project at a given time. The manpower involved is not cheap. Generally, companies offering their services at an unbelievably low price is usually lacking the knowledge, experience and/or the proper skill-set to bring your project into fruition.

We price our services at a very competitive level and provide the quality & support that beats most similar agencies. Why not see for yourself?

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